SpainClouds Recomienda #27 - 02.11.2020

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November 2, 2020

News updates (From 25.10.2020 to 31.10.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • Coca-Cola and AWS reimagine the future of contactless experiences

  • AWS Nitro Enclaves – Isolated EC2 Environments to Process Confidential Data

  • New! Streamline existing IAM Access Analyzer findings using archive rules

  • New – Application Load Balancer Support for End-to-End HTTP/2 and gRPC

  • Introducing the AWS Load Balancer Controller

  • AWS Site-to-Site VPN now supports health notifications

  • EC2 Image Builder now supports AMI distribution across AWS accounts

  • Now generally available – design and visualize Amazon Keyspaces data models more easily by using NoSQL Workbench

  • Now use AWS Systems Manager to view vulnerability identifiers for missing patches on your Linux instances

  • AWS Fargate Spot for Amazon ECS is now supported in AWS CloudFormation

  • AWS Shield now provides global and per-account event summaries to all AWS customers

  • Chip Startup Fungible Pitches AWS-Like Storage Hardware

  • Microsoft to establish its first datacenter region in Taiwan as a part of its “Reimagine Taiwan” initiative

  • Microsoft Joins MEF To Bolster Azure for Operators Services

  • Java 11 support for Azure Functions is now generally available

  • Policy to control the minimum TLS version used with Azure Storage now generally available

  • General Availability: Azure Kubernetes Service support for proximity placement groups

  • General Availability: Azure Spot on Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is now generally available

  • Soft delete for Azure file shares is now generally available in all regions

  • Announcing the new Azure SDK Resource Management Libraries GA

  • Google collaborates with NOAA to use artificial intelligence for weather forecasting, research

  • Google Cloud releases AI-powered mortgage processing tool

  • Cloud Storage object lifecycle management gets new controls

  • New Cloud Shell Editor: Get your first cloud-native app running in minutes

  • Oracle expands UK data center footprint with new private and public sector-focused cloud regions

  • Alibaba Cloud Releases OpenSearch, Leading to Value Reconfiguration of the Search Business in the Cloud Era

  • Introducing DigitalOcean App Platform: reimagining PaaS to make it simpler for you to build, deploy, and scale apps

  • IBM Bolsters Container Storage Platform

  • NetApp Tackling Data Challenges in a Cloud-Native World

  • NetApp Uses Kubernetes for Storageless Infrastructure

  • Docker V2 Github Action is Now GA

  • Major Release for All HashiCorp Terraform Utility Providers

Trend Reports and Opinions:

  • Cloud Market Growth Rate Nudges Up as Amazon and Microsoft Solidify Leadership

  • Google Cloud Growing 50% Faster than Microsoft, Amazon; Q3 Pace Tops Q2

  • The Leading and Major 8 Platform-As-A-Service Providers


  • What Matters to Developers Choosing Cloud? Pricing and Support/Documentation

  • Cloud Native Adoption Trends 2020-2021

  • How startups can overcome obstacles in their cloud journey

  • Wild West for developers when it comes to writing cloud-native apps

  • Predictions 2021: Edge Computing Hits An Inflection Point

  • Juicy Tidbits That Didn’t Make It Into The Forrester Wave: Cloud Cost Management And Optimization, Q4 2020

  • Data Security Fears are Driving Sky-High Demand for Private Cloud Services

  • 3 Reasons SaaS is Critical for Online Payments

  • The Biggest Myths of Multi-Cloud

Security Related:

  • 78% of Microsoft 365 admins don’t activate MFA

  • CoreView Research Indicates 50% of M365 Users are Not Managed by Default Security Policies

  • 23 Questions to Ask to Know if Your Office 365 is Safe

  • Bouncing back: Disaster recovery and data protection during a pandemic

  • 10 Docker Security Best Practices to Cut Container Chaos

  • The Best Security Practices with Hybrid Cloud, based on Alibaba Cloud

  • How Netflix Thinks About Cybersecurity

  • What Will It Take to Shift Kubernetes Security Left?

  • How Google Workspace uses encryption to protect your data

Best Practices:

  • Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 expert tips

Cost Management:

  • Businesses fail to grasp the complexity of cloud optimization

  • Better Managing Cost in AWS with Budgets Actions

  • CapEx vs. OpEx: Key Considerations for Your Cloud Cost Management Strategy

Training and Certifications:

  • AZ-104 vs AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Changes Explained

  • How Microsoft built a learning culture

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