SpainClouds Recomienda #24 - 12.10.2020

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October 12, 2020

News updates (From 4.10.2020 to 10.10.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • Amazon S3 Update – Three New Security & Access Control Features

  • Enable Office 365 with AWS Managed Microsoft AD without user password synchronization

  • New IAMCTL tool compares multiple IAM roles and policies

  • Optimize price and performance with Amazon FSx for Lustre

  • Amazon SageMaker Continues to Lead the Way in Machine Learning and Announces up to 18% Lower Prices on GPU Instances

  • New – Redis 6 Compatibility for Amazon ElastiCache

  • Announcing Amazon Lumberyard 1.26

  • Amazon EKS now supports configurable Kubernetes service IP address range

  • AWS Compute Optimizer enhances EC2 instance type recommendations with Amazon EBS metrics

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Support for Running Multi-Container Applications on AL2 based Docker Platform

  • AWS Database Migration Service Now Supports Transaction Commit Date Partitioning in CDC Mode When Using Amazon S3 as a Target

  • Protect Your AWS Compute Optimizer Recommendation Data with customer master keys (CMKs) Stored in AWS Key Management Service

  • Introducing Distributed Load Testing v1.1

  • New Features: EC2 Spot Instances ROI and AWS Cost Optimization Reports

  • Standard Load Balancer and Public IP addresses support resource group move

  • Announcing new lower pricing for Azure Files premium tier

  • Conditional Access Office 365 Suite now in GA!

  • Microsoft partners expand the range of mission-critical applications you can run on Azure

  • New analytics and windowing capabilities in Stream Analytics

  • Standard Load Balancer and Public IP addresses support resource group move

  • Optimize your Azure workloads with Azure Advisor Score

  • Lower prices and more flexible purchase options for Azure Red Hat OpenShift

  • Publisher verification and app consent policies are now generally available

  • Introducing Google Workspace

  • New security and privacy announcements for Google Workspace

  • Google Cloud joins the EOS blockchain network as block producer candidate

  • New in Cloud Functions: languages, availability, portability, and more

  • Introducing HTTP/gRPC server streaming for Cloud Run

  • Announcing the Oracle Cloud observability and management platform

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Connector Hub now generally available

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics is now available

  • Announcing request and response transformations in API gateway

  • VFX on Oracle Cloud with NVIDIA

  • Announcing VCN flow logs general availability for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Announcing Grafana plugins for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Metrics and Logs

  • Integrate Oracle Cloud Guard with External Systems Using OCI Events and Functions

  • HPC Hub and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Optimizing cost and performance for weather prediction for

  • Fast, Private, Energy-Efficient Mobile Cryptocurrency with IBM Cloud

  • Quantum-safe cryptography: What it means for your data in the cloud

  • Raise the Bar -  Workload protection on OpenShift

  • Introduction to Kraken, a Chaos Tool for OpenShift/Kubernetes

  • Introducing DigitalOcean App Platform: reimagining PaaS to make it simpler for you to build, deploy, and scale apps

  • New Vulnerability Scanning, Collab and Support Enhance Docker Pro and Team Subscriptions

  • SAP acquiring cloud marketing firm Emarsys

  • JumpCloud - Active Directory as-a-Service

  • CloudBees Announces New DevSecOps Capabilities for its CI/CD Solutions

  • No-Code CI/CD Platform Bridges the DevOps App Delivery Gap with Multicloud Kubernetes Capabilities

  • Rancher Labs 2.5 Enables GitOps at Scale for Kubernetes

Trend Reports:

  • Comparing AWS, Google, and Microsoft for Serverless

  • Microsoft is a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

  • Alibaba Cloud Computing Now Ranked Third-Largest Infrastucture as a Service Provider, Right Behind Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

  • Oracle Recognized as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions for Fourth Consecutive Year

  • Kubernetes Architecture: How the Market and Ecosystem Are Changing

  • 2020 State of SaaSOps

  • Aptum Cloud Impact Study

  • Applying Cloud to Strategic Resilience Efforts

  • Larry Ellison’s Next Trick: Oracle Cloud and Nvidia Unleash Mainstream AI

  • SAP Thumps Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe in B2B Digital Commerce: IDC

  • #1 Microsoft and #4 Google Are Facing a Wicked Cloud Challenge

  • Kubernetes Offers Major Promise, But Hurdles to Adoption Persist

Cost Management:

  • Cost Optimization Checklist for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate

Security Related:

  • Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020

  • Four steps to securing sensitive data in the cloud

  • Kud I Enter Your Server? New Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure

  • Improving Data Security for SaaS Apps - 5 Key Questions every CISO needs to ask

  • Survey Report - Security Practices in HPC & HPC Cloud

  • Mapping CIS Controls to Cloud

  • How Containers and Kubernetes Advance DevSecOps

  • Best practices for defending Azure Virtual Machines

Training and Certifications:

  • How many certifications do I need to get a cloud job?

  • CloudCheckr takes AWS skills development to new level with 80 in 80 certification challenge

  • New Amazon Connect digital courses for developers

  • Build your Azure skills with Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight

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