La Semana en revisión - Mundo de StartUps #35 - 20.12.2020

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December 20, 2020

The companies which will build smart chairs for people with disabilities

Israeli startup ReSymmetry and Taiwanese company Karma Medical Devices have announced a collaboration, in which they will invest $2M in the development and manufacturing of a smart AI-based sitting system, which will also be applied on chairs and wheelchairs, and will customize itself to each user personally. 

For an early-stage & non-invasive cancer detection - A Chinese startup is raising a phenomenal amount

The biotech startup Singlera Genomics is developing an early-stage & non-invasive way of detecting cancer, throughout the analysis of cell-free DNA. The company has raised $152M in a series B round led by China International Capital Corporation (CICC), which is focused on biotech startup investments. Singlera Genomics was founded in 2014 and has already raised an amount of at least ~$80M before.

A vision of 0% carbon flights - The startup which is supported by Amazon, Bill Gates’ investments company, and the UK government

ZeroAvia was founded in California and is developing a hydrogen-electric technology for planes, aspiring to fulfill its vision of making the airline industry free of carbon fuels. The company has raised $21.4M from Amazon (AMZN), BreakThrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates’ investments company), and more. The company will also cooperate with British Airways and the UK government will invest $16.3M in it.

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