La Semana en revisión - Mundo de StartUps #32 - 29.11.2020

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November 29, 2020

The Israeli startup which won $1M in an ag-tech competition

Soos Technologies is an ag-tech startup which developed a patented AI-based software, changing the sex of chicks without invasions or chemical-using. The process results in more females who are able to lay eggs, without taking part in the standard and controversial process of animal reproduction. The startup has won the $1M prize on the second round of the international competition Grow-NY.

The startup which will print your burgers - now at the stock market in Tel Aviv

Products which are Kosher, plant-based, and some of them are even Gluten-free: meet the startup SavorEats, which 3D-prints meat alternatives and recently held an IPO on TASE, pre-money valued at $50M. The company has raised $5.5M previously and $13M altogether since it was founded in 2018 by CEO Racheli Vizman, CTO Prof. Oded Shoseyov and Prof. Ido Braslevsky.

The British delivery startup which is closing a $20M raise in funding 

They worked at Deliveroo, an online food-delivery company which was founded in 2013, then founded their own startup in the delivery field - Dija, and now raising $20M. The raising round is led by Blossom Capital, an early-stage startups VC. While it’s unclear who else are the VC players in this round, it seems like it is highly competitive.

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