La Semana en revisión - Mundo de StartUps #28 - 01.11.2020

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December 26, 2020 is preparing for a $4B Nasdaq IPO

The Israeli Team-Management startup is heading to a Nasdaq IPO with the evaluation of $3.5-4B, according to anonymous sources. The company has already connected with international investments banks to advance the process. Only last May, was evaluated at $2.7B, which was already an increase of 42% compared to its evaluation on its last raising round, conducted in 2019.

Not only a buzzword – The AI company which raised $9.1M at Seed round

Deci is an ML startup which builds an AI-based platform with the capability of creating Deep neural network solutions, ready to produce in Scale. The company has raised $9.1M at Seed round series which was led by Square Peg and Emerge. Deci was founded last year by Jonathan (Joe) Elial, COO; Yonatan Geifman, PhD., CEO; and Prof. Ran El-Yaniv, Chief Scientist.

Should we look forward to a Siri improvement? Apple has acquired Vilynx, according to reports

It has been reported last Tuesday that the Silicon-Valley Giant Apple has acquired the Spanish AI-video startup for an amount evaluated at $50M. Vilnyx has built a software which provides the computer with the capability of analyzing visual content, text and audio of a video, with the goal of better understand it, which will help the computer on acting with beneficial operations such as categorizing and tagging MetaData, for example.

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