La Semana en revisión - Mundo de StartUps #19 - 30.08.2020

Computación en la nube
August 30, 2020

Israeli startup raises $165M at $1B valuation

Israeli startup Nanox, which is building a digital X-ray machine that will be available in a convenient price, raised $165M at Initial Public Offering (IPO), and its valuation is now $1B. The company expects the product will be globally available in 2021.  


The anticipated startup that raised $16M before the Y Combinator demo-day

Trove, a startup which sells internal compensation tools to other startups, raised $16M before its pitch at the known accelerator Y Combinator demo-day, and gave the world another reason to look at it as one of the most anticipated startups at YC.

Meet Mural – the startup which aspires to improve your cooperation activities, and raised $118M for it

MURAL, a startup which aspires to provide a digital environment for cooperation and brainstorming, raised $118M in series B. The company is up to invest the capital in its go-to-market capabilities, community engagement initiatives and the company's product.


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