La semana en breve - Computación en la nube #73

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Computación en la nube
September 24, 2021

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La Semana en Breve: Cloud Computing #73


AWS Introduces New Intelligent Tier Options for S3 and EFS

AWS announced a few features and changes to their storage approach for S3 and Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) regarding Intelligent Tiering options during the recent AWS Storage Day. The updates and changes will allow customers to leverage S3 and EFS more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Microsoft combines federal team with Azure cloud unit

Microsoft is set to combine its U.S. federal arm with its Azure cloud team and create a new subsidiary as part of a reorganization of the technology giant’s U.S. public sector operation.


Google Cloud Announces New Supply Chain Twin Solution

Google Cloud today announced the launch of Supply Chain Twin, a purpose-built industry solution that lets companies build a digital twin–a virtual representation of their physical supply chain–by orchestrating data from disparate sources to get a more complete view of suppliers, inventories, and other information.


IBM Introduces Next Generation IBM Power Server for Hybrid Cloud

IBM is introducing the new IBM Power E1080 server, the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor, designed specifically for hybrid cloud environments. 

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