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Computación en la nube
December 25, 2020

A bird in the clouds: Twitter expands the partnership with AWS

marking a decade of partnership, the Silicon-Valley giant has announced that it is about to expand its use in AWS cloud services, to move the platform even further to Hybrid Cloud Environment. Twitter indeed was using AWS services but not for real-time services so far, which will change henceforth. 

Microsoft Azure is updating the security of Azure AD and Identity

In the last round of security updates announcements by Microsoft Azure, the giant was focusing on securing Azure AD and Identity. Last week expanded features on the updated version of Azure AD compromise prevention system were announced and in the previous month, Microsoft also revealed that the Proxy app (allowing secured remote access to on-premise apps) will now support additional kinds of applications, such as PeopleSoft and NetWeaverPortal.

Google is expanding its cloud services to new regions on the globe

As the closure of 2020, Google has announced new cloud availability regions for GCP, including parts of Chile, Germany and Saudi Arabia. From the beginning of the year GCP has launched a few more regions in the USA, South Korea and Indonesia, and has announced the future-launch of the upcoming regions in France, Italy, Qatar and Spain.

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