La semana en breve - Computación en la nube #126

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Computación en la nube
October 13, 2022

La semana en breve - Computación en la nube #126- 30.09.22 - 07.10.22


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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #126 - 30.09.22 - 07.10.22


AWS Introduces Amazon Workspaces Core and Support for Ubuntu Desktops on Amazon Workspaces

AWS recently introduced a new addition to Amazon Workspaces with a fully-managed, infrastructure-only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offering called Amazon Workspaces Core.

Leaked Microsoft presentation sheds light on Azure earnings

Microsoft is not disclosing revenue for its Azure cloud. Instead, it reports total cloud revenue. An internal presentation sheds some light on Azure’s revenue, a well-kept secret from Microsoft. It shows how much US customers spent on Azure: $11 billion in the previous fiscal year.

Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite to make AI-based diagnosis more accessible

Google Cloud is bringing its expertise in vision-based artificial intelligence to the healthcare industry with the launch of its new Medical Imaging Suite today. Vision AI has the potential to make a massive impact in healthcare.

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