La semana en breve - Computación en la nube #122

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Computación en la nube
September 2, 2022

La semana en breve - Computación en la nube #122- 26.08.22 - 02.09.22


 This Week at Glance is Powered by CFS - EuropeClouds Summit 2022

Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #122 - 26.08.22 - 02.09.22


AWS Announced New Feature Fine-Grained Visual Embedding for Amazon QuickSight

AWS announced a new feature, Fine-Grained Visual Embedding, for its cloud-scale business intelligence (BI) service Amazon QuickSight allowing customers to embed individual visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards in high-traffic webpages and applications.

Microsoft: Azure Outage Caused by Ubuntu Update Issue

According to Microsoft, Azure customers who had upgraded Canonical Ubuntu on Azure virtual machines may be running into domain name system (DNS) problems.

Azure problems for some running Ubuntu VMs are continuing into a second day, as Microsoft continues to try to remediate the situation, which is affecting services like AKS and ACA.

Google Cloud makes its VMTD malware detection service generally available

Google LLC announced the general availability of VMTD, a service that can detect if hackers attempt to use a company’s cloud environment to mine cryptocurrency.

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